Why online classes ?

For last 25 years Rangreet have preserved and promoted Indian traditional art through exhibitions , workshops and demonstration all around the planet . In 2020 the world was hit by covid-19 virus , so to continue our work of preserving and promoting Indian traditional art Rangreet started live online classes and taught art to more than 300 students in a short span of time.

Its just the begenning...



People around the world learning about art.

People joined Rangreet from all around the world for online classes.



Covering different parts of Indian Traditonal Art

"Awesome is an understatement...my experience is divine...I am just loving it...the ease with which Ramu Ramdev Sir teaches shows his expertise and command over the subject...he is the best mentor and I feel blessed to be learning from him."


- Vasudha Sahai


What students are feeling after live online workshops.

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