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$73.20 ₹6000


2 Weeks

About the Course

Traditional Flower

This course will give insights into how to sketch andpaint a flower in the Indian Traditional Painting. It willalso throw light on‑the subtle sketching, lining, colourfilling, burnishing, tracing and detailing.

Curriculum: 9 sections • 9 lectures

Your Instructor

Shyamu Ramdev

Shyamu Ramdev

Shri Shyamu Ramdev, a native of Jodhpur, now lives in Jaipur.
He learned traditional painting from his elder brother, Shri Govind Ramdev, and after a decade of continuous practise and experience, he has attained perfection and specialisation in traditional paintings. Shri Shyamu Ramdev was awarded the State Award for Excellence in Miniature Painting in 1998-99, as well as the prestigious National Award in 2014. Moreover, he now has a gallery inside Jaipur's City Palace, and he has been invited to various galleries and workshops.

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