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Mango Tree


$97.59 ₹8000


2 Weeks

About the Course

This course will provide students with a thorough understanding of the mango tree.

Students will be guided through the various processes, such as sketching, shading, colouring, and learning how to use a fine hairbrush for fine details, such as more fine shading (perdacht), and pattern creation.

Curriculum: 8 sections • 8 lectures

Your Instructor

Hemant Ramdev

Hemant Ramdev

Shri Hemant Ramdev, a Jodhpur native, now resides in Jaipur.
He began learning this Art at the age of 14 from his Guru and elder brother, Shri Govind Ramdev, and has created new dimensions in Miniature Painting by using mineral and vegetable dyes. Shri Hemant Ramdev received the State Award in 1998-99 for excellence in Miniature Painting 'Dhola Maru' and the prestigious National Award in 2012, and he now has a gallery inside Jaipur's City Palace, in addition to being invited in various galleries and conducting workshops.

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