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Mughal Border


$146.38 ₹12000


28 Weeks

About the Course

Mughal border

It’s another famous element of the painting. There are various ways of making the border either with flowers, motifs or mirror image.This course will teach you about the history of Mughal borders and its applications, as well as sketching, lining, colour filling, background preparation, burnishing , and other techniques.

Curriculum: 12 sections • 12 lectures • 450m total length

Your Instructor

Shyamu Ramdev

Shyamu Ramdev

Shri Shyamu Ramdev, a native of Jodhpur, now lives in Jaipur.
He learned traditional painting from his elder brother, Shri Govind Ramdev, and after a decade of continuous practise and experience, he has attained perfection and specialisation in traditional paintings. Shri Shyamu Ramdev was awarded the State Award for Excellence in Miniature Painting in 1998-99, as well as the prestigious National Award in 2014. Moreover, he now has a gallery inside Jaipur's City Palace, and he has been invited to various galleries and workshops.

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