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Uncovering the Secrets of Indian Miniature Painting




About the Course

These are not mere courses of lines and colours but an aesthetic platform where you explore the richness of Indian Traditional Paintings which resides within, pour your emotions through incredible hues and relish your soul, get lost in the tranquillity of unfailing sense of colours, the fluency and elegance of lines, the unlikely mix of precise details.

This fundamental course will teach you how this art form works, what the main aspects are, and how to handle each of them perfectly.

Beginning with a history of Indian miniature painting, you will be taught various techniques and given tips on how to do a sketch, outlining, different ways to hold the brushes, natural stone knowledge, black colour making, wasli preparation, the six limbs of Indian art, burnishing, silk and cloth pasting, and how to make eyes/hands/legs/face.

Providing you with short videos where I’ll be showing you the simplest ways to try your hand on Indian Miniature Paintings. 

The course is designed in such a way that shows every step to create a masterpiece of your own and most importantly fits everyone’s pace!! 

The videos of high quality and are highly zoomed at every point so that it becomes easy to watch the detailed portion of the painting.

Much can be expected –

The joy of discovery, visual excitement and finally, heightened delight. 

Pause and rewind whenever you want!!

Your Instructor

Ramu Ramdev

Ramu Ramdev

Shri Ramu Ramdev, a Jodhpur native, now resides in Jaipur.
He learned this art from his elder brother, Shri Govind Ramdev, as well as Shri Bannu ji, and specialised in Traditional Style Painting. Shri Ramu Ramdev received the State Award for Excellence in Miniature Painting in 1998-1999, as well as the prestigious National Award in 2010, and he now has a gallery inside Jaipur's City Palace, in addition to being invited to various galleries and conducting workshops.

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