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Updated: Jul 22

Unfolding the past whispers which would triumph to narrate the saga of those unsung times, and makes one wonder about the history which sits silently upon the skin and longs to be discovered. The journey gained momentum since our father Shri Achleshwar Prasad Ramdev who was a great Ayurvedic Practitioner, specialized in making medicine for eyesight improvement. And not being restricted to a particular field but explored his interest in the field of art as well, an artist who had always been affectionate towards the richness of Indian art and culture and deeply admired nature.

A man with creativity running in his blood whose canvas were not confined to papers but also used Mango seeds, coconut, almonds and potato to carve out various motifs, Among all, sketching an eye was his all time favorite and reason being he was an eye specialist. It was Govind Ramdev, eldest of all, who walked on the footsteps of his father and fulfilled the desire of his father to be an artist and came into the limelight. Surprisingly, it was not just the eldest brother who became an artist but all of his brothers unlocked the doors of Indian Traditional Art, filling the space with their mesmerizing talents.

For special contribution in the field of Traditional Indian Art, Ramu Ramdev established RANGREET organization representing Indian Traditional Art in 1996 with the aim of preserving Traditional Art by teaching it to next generation of young artist and encouraging new talent. The teaching goes in the job oriented manner so that after the camp the artist can produce their own work and can earn out of it which also kept traditional Indian artwork alive. Traditional painting renowned as an exclusive art of Rajasthan and miniature painting is the traditional art of Rajasthan.

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